Saturday, October 31, 2009

Painted Doll....

So I have been busy brain-storming what I am going to come up with for my Frankie submission. I won't spill the beans just yet, but it entails one of my friends getting painted up as a doll! I had alot of little ideas flittering around, so I thought I would try and solidify some of them by painting her......everyone meet Stephanie June Ellis!


  1. Hey mate :D!

    nice painting, your friend must be pretty :).

    Do you mind if i throw in a few crits?

    I had a look back through your paintings, and I've noticed that they all seem to be lacking in the range of values, and almost all are painted using a high key lighting scheme; with a little bit of value study i think that you could easily improve your painting work.

    I did a quick value paint-over, the left is your original just desaturated, and the second is my edit.

    Anyways hope it helps :).

  2. It's nice, but I find your approach too harsh. I guess it comes down to a difference of styles. I like the light, ethereal look I give to my portraits. I am a Disney artist after all. I was looking at some of your digital paints as well and I believe the tonal values you give your creations are too DARK. Also, the compression I use on photoshop washes my images out alot. But unfortunately sometimes we must compromise on image quality in order to get it to load quicker on here.

    Thanks for the heads up. If I ever want to increase the intensity of contrast between light and dark I find the dodge and burns tools much more helpful.....

  3. I think it just all depends on the mood and overall look that you're going for. I think the colors work well here.

  4. Don't take me the wrong way :), I'm not trying to offend or say to change your ways, I'm just trying to help a little.

    Looking back my paintover really doesn't sell what i was trying to do, which was keep the same mood but increase readability. The values that you are using do work, and they do make cool images, but I think that you could push it further.

    One main reason for this is that it is hard to have Disney's high chroma colour schemes with so much white; Only the middle range of values can hold full chroma colours. I also didn't mean say that you should make your work darker, as using the same range of values you use in a different way can make a huge impact.

    I have a lot of respect for your character work as well :).

  5. hey ... just saying hi! met you yesterday with my mum in Queen street. Cute work, and I like your rendition of the mag cover! :) ...

  6. Thanks Hayley! Was wonderful meeting you!