Monday, September 21, 2009

In the Spirit of Adventure....

Okay, so I am sure most of you animation enthusiasts by now have gone out and seen Disney/Pixar's latest release: Up! 

Starring a mis-matched crew of incredible characters, ranging from disgruntled old men to giant, personable, brightly plumed birds. The movie follows the story of Carl Fredrickson as he sets about carrying out the promise he made to he ailing wife upon her deathbed - to oneday visit Paradise Falls, their ideal,
 "adventure holiday" destination.

Brooke (my best girlfriend), and I just went to see it recently. On the journey home we made the unanimous decision, (feeling inspired by the film), to write and illustrate our OWN 'Up' style adventure complete with flying cottage and dangerous adventure.

To the right you will find my rough preliminary sketch and paint of our flying house. Don't worry, for all of you hardcore fans, there will be a BIG variation in plot line and the look of the illustrations. Our house will be carried aloft in an entirely different manner to Carl's as well, (I don't think I'd have it in me to blow up a million balloons like he did).

But keep an eye on this space. I will continue to post preliminary designs and excerpt from the book as it continues to take shape.

P.S. If you want to know what the tone of the book is going to be like (sort of how it's gonna be written), refer to the Dinotopia saga's. We want it to be heavily descriptive and documentarian in feel. Almost like a MANUAL on how to traverse the big blue and the unknown beyond.

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